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text icon Iran to allow crypto payments for international trade
text icon Airbnb May Accept Bitcoin Cash As Payment Method In 2022
text icon We asked 687 CEOs on their plans to invest in cryptocurrencies in the next two years.
text icon Token standards: ERC20 vs ERC721 vs ERC1155
text icon ETH Walks Along the Edge of the Cliff
text icon They are all in the NFT minting rush: Pulitzer Prize winners, Asian pop stars, US Congress candidates, and NFL players
text icon Arkania Protocol Launch Multi-Chain Launchpad Making IDOs Accessible to All
text icon 3 Reasons Why Chainlink Ecosystem Explodes
text icon NFTs and Authenticity (Part 1)
text icon Can Dogecoin (DOGE) reach $1 this year?
text icon Is Bitcoin Able to Grow to 200,000?
text icon Terra UST is dead.
text icon KlimaDAO increases carbon offset stash by 50% in two months
text icon David Bowie in 1999 about the impact of the Internet on society
text icon 347 Cryptocurrency Job Ads were posted on Indeed in the last 24 hours
text icon The 500 BTC Blind Trust to Foster Bitcoin Adoption, Btrust, Announces First Steps
text icon “Kim Kardashian Being Sued for Crypto Scam” – What A Great Day
text icon HYPOTHESIS: We have essentially reached the point in Bitcoin’s evolution where if you are hodling the equivalent of the current block reward amount than you can consider yourself “rich”/set for life. This will continue until 2140….
text icon TA: Ethereum Rallies Above $3,200 But This Resistance Is The Key
text icon Coinbase Announces “Nearly Entire Business Will Close” for Four Week-Long Breaks in 2022 so Workers Can Recharge
text icon Daily Discussion, January 12, 2022
text icon For those of you new to buying bitcoin, now is when you buy bitcoin. Buy low, sell never because a decentralized currency is the way of the future.
text icon Buy high, sell high: Custom pipe-maker to Snoop Dogg and Santana tokenizes bongs
text icon Hong Kong Billboards Plugging NFTs Have Taken Over the Metro Area
text icon ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author, Robert Kiyosaki On Bitcoin Crash: “Market Crashes Are Best Time To Get Richer”
text icon Report: Ronin Sidechain Processed 560% More Total Transactions Than Ethereum Last November
text icon Tiny Bitcoin miner defies massive odds to solve a valid block
text icon Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $10 to Watch in 2022
text icon Unlocking the $12.6-Trillion machine economy on Web3
text icon Boba Network is the cheapest EVM-equivalent Layer 2
text icon Ether Prices Bounced Back Today—What’s Next For The Digital Currency?
text icon All hell is about to break loose. $500k. 100% of my dip money going all in.
text icon ETH – GME Partnership
text icon Lost it all guys…
text icon Block 718237 Confirmation Time
video icon The Great L2 Migration | Cross-Chain L2 Panel
text icon TA: Bitcoin Gearing For Lift-Off to $44K: Recovery Isn’t Over Yet
text icon The Fear Around $41,000 Bitcoin Is A Sign Of Success
text icon Me after loading up my bags.
text icon CashApp started rolling out Lightning Network (BTC-LN) support this week
text icon Kim Kardashian Sued for Promoting Alleged Cryptocurrency ‘Pump and Dump’ Scam
text icon Replacing the margin loan with blockchain
text icon Bitcoin, Ethereum are most profitable investments of the decade
text icon Animal Concerts partners with Korea’s Klaytn: K-pop in the Metaverse?
text icon Elrond acquires payments provider Utrust in a bid to bring crypto to millions of merchants
text icon SEC Chair Gensler Discusses How Securities Laws Apply to Crypto Tokens — Won’t Say if Ethereum Is a Security
text icon Bitcoin acceptance is coming! There are many car dealerships in the UK that accept bitcoin as payment
text icon Can a contract SIGN a transaction without an EOA?
text icon While Ether gas fees are steady churnin’ The EIP just a keeps on Burnin’ 🔥 ETH sees another 7 consecutive days of negative net issuance, despite price slump.
text icon Mozilla Firefox Gets Savaged by Dogecoin Creator for Canceling Cryptocurrency Donations
text icon Meta poaches staff from Microsoft and Apple for Metaverse plans
text icon Footprint Analytics: Will the London Upgrade Deflate ETH? | Annual Report 2021
text icon Bitcoin Plebs Together Are Strong — Independently
text icon The Fake Environmentalist Attack on Bitcoin
text icon Jack announced the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund on bitcoin-dev mailinglist
text icon I purchased this for my ethereum HODLer friend
text icon If you looking for an NFT project!
text icon Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban : “Being able to create businesses on decentralized platforms leveraging smart contracts, validators, DAOs and more create a unique ability to offer more efficient biz processes and disrupt industries”
text icon Are Bitcoin Price And Equities Performance Correlated?
text icon Ethereum is broken by Gas fees
text icon Is It A Good Time To Buy Marathon Digital Stock?
text icon Why the island nation of Palau is going crypto? The Republic of Palau announced a partnership with Cryptic Labs. The partnership will create a digital residency program for global citizens to the island nation of Palau.
text icon Legit use
text icon Legendary Billionaire Investor Reveals Huge Bitcoin Bet As The Price Of Ethereum, BNB, Solana, Cardano And XRP Suddenly Soar
text icon Don’t mention ‘K’ country: Bitcoin Magazine's YouTube restored after ban
text icon Billionaire Jeff Gundlach Expects Recession This Year, Advises Against Buying Bitcoin
text icon Fed Chair Jerome Powell said: Digital currency report is ready
text icon eth staking. Worth it with just 1 eth? what are the risks? what do I need??
text icon Why the Island Nation of Palau Is Going Crypto
text icon A Case For Unions And Bitcoin
text icon Cash App is bringing the Bitcoin Lightning Network to its 36 million users
text icon Daily Discussion – January 12, 2022 (GMT+0)
text icon Whenever the cryptocurrencies I held rose sharply, I would immediately sell and buy it so (I thought) that it will rise even higher the next time it rises. Today I learned that was a fucking stupid mistake of mine and totally stupid.
text icon 🐇 Minor resistance? Haha no, it’s Global Bitcoin Transition
text icon Vitalik Buterin explains High Gas Fees
text icon Bitcoin Mining in the USA: Gavin Qu of PrimeBlock Predicts in Future
text icon IMF Economists Warn of ‘Contagion’ Risk in Increasingly Linked Bitcoin and Stock Markets
text icon What’s up with NEAR?
text icon Made it 24hrs without checking my wallet and balance
text icon Kevin O’Leary: “if you’re willing to invest in software [as] an equity, why wouldn’t you invest in software such as ethereum?”
text icon Top 3 Crypto Metaverse Racing Games to Watch in 2022
text icon how to minimize tx fees
text icon Cardano Foundation Completes Funding To Plant 1 Million Trees
text icon Republic of Palau and Cryptic Labs launch digital residency program
text icon Crypto Prices Are Down While the NFT Market Remains Red Hot. Here’s Why
text icon A lot of companies are going to pay out Bitcoin dividends in the next few years.
text icon Solo Bitcoin Miner With Only 120 TH Finds Valid Block
text icon Solo Bitcoin Miner With Only 120 TH Finds Valid Block 6.25 BTC (1 and 10000 chance)