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text icon God tier take on NFTs by @AdamSacks on Twitter
text icon Kin Lists on AscendEX
text icon US Treasury says it must ‘modernize and adapt’ to digital currencies
text icon FinCEN Links More Than $5 Billion in Bitcoin Transactions to Ransomware
text icon President Bukele calls the latest Bitcoin (BTC) protest in El Salvador a failure
text icon DraftKings Becomes Full Validator On Polygon After Strategic Agreement
text icon Web3 Protocol Revenue Growing as Adoption Increases
text icon Stacks (STX) forecast expects a huge long-term return!
text icon Bakkt sheds more than 6% on first of public trading
text icon Polkadot unveils $770M development fund ahead of parachain auctions
text icon SERIOUS: Top 100 Polygon Holders Collectively Own >90% of MATIC Supply
text icon Bounce and Apra Chain surge 25% on Coinbase Pro listings
text icon Top 100 Polygon Holders Collectively Own >90% of MATIC Supply
text icon Cryptocurrency Ethereum is based on a mystical mineral from the 1986 anime “Laputa: Castle in the Sky” where it lets men work magic
text icon US Treasury says it must ‘modernize and adapt’ to digital currencies
text icon El Salvador removes BTC price feed from Chivo app to crack down on arbitrage scalpers
text icon Microstrategy CEO Advises Nigeria and Zimbabwe to Adopt Bitcoin Standard, Says BTC Is ‘Kingmaker’
text icon I just want to pay off my debt and have a chance
text icon How The Exciting SHIBA Listing On Robinhood Will Drive The Price Crazy
text icon TA: Ethereum Breaking This Barrier Could Spark a Significant Surge
text icon Daily Discussion, October 19, 2021
text icon Charity and Community Focused Project ‘TheFloorNFT’ Announces New Artistic Collectibles on Ethereum
text icon Prob will never get rich with crypto but that’s ok!
text icon WholeCoiner!
text icon We closed at a weekly ATH and retail hasn’t even jumped in yet.
text icon Does anyone else feel the way I do?
text icon Hoskinson: “A $2 trillion industry just pops up in our backyard, and my government’s trying to kill it.”
text icon Former Congressman says the U.S needs to step up on crypto before its too late
text icon Arbitrum extends lead over Optimism as Uniswap posts record volume on L2
text icon Financial Advisors Managing $110 Trillion Can Now Offer Crypto Trading to Clients via Interactive Brokers
text icon Heading to bed and expecting to see a fat green candle when I wake up. Cheers to you all!
text icon Bitcoin Presentation
text icon So I decided to dip my hand into mining, and all I’m left with is a feeling of guilt..
text icon The average Cardano transaction fee has increased from 2 cents to 46 cents in one year. How is this any more scalable than Ethereum?
text icon TA: Bitcoin Consolidates Gain: What Could Trigger Fresh Rally
text icon I’ve gone through the whitepapers for the top 20 cryptoassets by market cap and reviewed them here for their practical value for non-researchers.
text icon Analysts predict Valkyrie will launch Bitcoin Futures ETF this week
text icon Cardano increases partnerships worldwide; analysts predict ADA price will explode to $4. Nervos bridge connecting Ethereum to Cardano is live, allowing users to interchange assets and create their own tokens.
text icon Which crypto exchange iOS app actually shows portfolio P&L and is accepted on Mint?
text icon Popular or unpopular opinion, whatever. I have to say that we are getting downvoted for no reason at all
text icon Really basic question but I want to be sure
text icon Doing Math with nocoiners
text icon BUY! BUY! BUY!
text icon Polkadot (DOT) founder announces $774 million development fund for DeFi
text icon Am I taking crazy pills? GBTC trading at a 21.5% discount!
text icon Gonna sell bitcoin mirrors so I can buy more bitcoin.
text icon NY Attorney General Targets 5 Crypto Companies: 2 Lending Platforms Ordered to Shut Down
text icon Has anyone heard of etherfluent?
text icon Australia Has Third Highest Rate of Crypto Adoption in the World
text icon Polkadot (DOT) founder announces $774 million development fund for DeFi
text icon Ghana to explore offline transactions for upcoming CBDC
text icon [Scam] There’s a live video on YT with a video and false promises. Can anyone confirm? So we can report.
text icon To Understand The Bitcoin Ark, You Must Understand The Fiat Flood
text icon You can now withdraw ETH and USDT from Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi exchanges to Ethereum’s Arbitrum L2 for 10x cheaper
text icon Need help converting crypto into Tether on Ethereum blockchain
text icon Don’t Overlook MATIC
text icon I have 21 bitcoins, and one day, so can you.
text icon Bitcoin’s first ETF hits the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday
text icon Canceling transactions as a native feature
text icon Daily Discussion – October 19, 2021 (GMT+0)
text icon Taxing Crypto while billionaires avoid trillions of dollars in taxes shows the system is rigged
text icon Is The New Futures-Based Bitcoin ETF Really An ‘Inferior’ Product?
video icon BREAKING: Grayscale To File SPOT Bitcoin ETF! Ethereum 10k Prediction! Bitcoin NEW ATH End of Oct!
text icon I need advice. Should I sell my bitcoin to buy a house now? Or should I wait 4 more years?
text icon El Salvador Disables Bitcoin Price On Chivo App To Stop Scalpers
text icon Court Orders Crypto Influencer to Pay $370K to YouTube Subscriber Over Fraud Deals
text icon Grayscale Confirms Plan to Convert GBTC Into Bitcoin ETF
text icon BLOCKS: Products Coming to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization
text icon Arbitrage bot’s spam attack on the Polygon network generated $6,800 per day
text icon Warning about discord scam
text icon After trying to trade altcoins, I am now 100% in BTC
text icon These Bitcoin Futures ETFs May Be Next to Launch
text icon Announcing – The most advanced EIP-1559-optimized Gas Price estimator that forecasts the gas price from the miner’s perspective.
text icon Cardano Loses 3rd Spot On Crypto Top 10, Why It May Drop Even More
text icon Bitcoin ETFs go live – Bullish for Bitcoin?
text icon What Elon Musk Got Wrong About The Bitcoin Block Size
text icon Bitcoin will be used to heat homes in Vancouver next year
text icon Bitcoin vs bears
text icon One of my fav piece came in today
text icon think
text icon Excessive money supply and rising inflation could lead to a U.S. market meltdown, he said, a perfect setup for #Bitcoin
text icon Crypto ETFs & Regulatory Proposals – The Continuing Maturation Of Crypto Should Be Celebrated
text icon Why are we building on the Forta Protocol? Ethereum and DeFi safer.
text icon The On-Chain Metric That Says Bitcoin Is About To Go “Parabolic”
text icon Crypto market cap hits an all-time high of $2.5 trillion
text icon What to do when husband is really cheap?
text icon Crypto market cap hits an all-time high of $2.5 trillion
text icon New York Attorney General Issues Order To Shut Down Crypto Lenders
text icon DeFi on the Ballot: Yearn Developer Matt West Is Running for Congress on a pro-crypto platform