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text icon WHAT IS DEFI 2.0?? Check out this Iinterview with the founder of Alchemix, Scoopy Trooples, where he explains all of the innovations happening on Ethereum right now. We chat about $OHM, $TOKE, $SPELL and much more. Enjoy
text icon Analysis of Top 200 Cryptocurrencies (10–17 Oct 2021)
text icon Microstrategy CEO Advises Nigeria and Zimbabwe to Adopt Bitcoin Standard, Says BTC Is ‘Kingmaker’
text icon ORBS Launches on Avalanche-based DEX Trader Joe
text icon Russia aims to replace US dollar reserves with digital assets in long term
text icon Apple Unveils New AirPods, MacBook, HomePod Minis and Other Products
text icon ICE-Owned Crypto Exchange Bakkt (BKKT) Stock Drops 6% in Public Trading Debut
text icon Nigeria Crypto Adoption Rate Hits 24%, Followed by Malaysia and Australia
text icon Fate loves irony – Elon Musk
text icon Unpopular Opinion: the NFT space is so degenerate that it risks killing the tech before any real application is adopted
text icon Digital Assets Weaken US Sanctions Regime: Treasury Dept
text icon Brazilian Asset Manager Kinea Makes Exploratory Investment in Ethereum
text icon Web3 company announces Polygon fund to bolster MATIC ecosystem
text icon The differences in trading in a bullish and bearish market, explained
text icon BTC price is up 50% since China 'selflessly' banned Bitcoin mining
text icon FNDZ Launches Copy Trading dApp that Makes DeFi Access Mainstream
text icon Invesco Drops Bitcoin Futures ETF Filing
text icon Congressional Budget Office expects 1.2T deficit per year for the coming decade. It’s gonna be a lot of money printing, and increase demand for inflation hedges.
text icon Polkadot unveils $770M development fund ahead of parachain auctions
text icon Five Polkadot parachains tipped for early adoption
text icon $BITO – ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is live
text icon Largest ever sell order of 10-14k BTC has just been absorbed by the market like it’s nothing
text icon Bakkt Share Prices Backtrack on First Day of Trading
text icon This sub gets crazier and crazier
text icon French central bank pilots blockchain-based CBDC for debt market
text icon The First Bitcoin Futures ETF | U.S. Overtakes China In Bitcoin Mining
text icon Fintech Firm N26 Is Now Valued More Than Second Largest Bank in Germany
text icon Interactive Brokers Launches Crypto Trading for Financial Advisors in US
text icon The First Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. Is Here – Don’t Be So Optimistic, It Is Not Based on the Spot Market