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text icon If you wondered why Ethereum fees are high, here is a typical NFT smart contract function invocation onchain. ~80% of the data is zeroes. Booleans and uint8s are encoded using 32 (!) bytes each.
text icon Binance Marketplace to Host NFT Collection by The Associated Press
text icon LoveChain Integrates Algorand Blockchain to Add NFT Feature
text icon Unpopular Opinion: the NFT space is so degenerate that it risks killing the tech before any real application is adopted
text icon God tier take on NFTs by @AdamSacks on Twitter
text icon Charity and Community Focused Project ‘TheFloorNFT’ Announces New Artistic Collectibles on Ethereum
text icon “Timelapse” 1/1 NFT Collection! Check it out in the comments below! 🚀
text icon A Slew of Defi Tokens Outperform Bitcoin’s Weekly Gains, Defi TVL and NFT Sales Spike
text icon Sotheby’s Shifts Focus to NFTs With Launch of Digital Art Metaverse
text icon how can you ever get profit in NFT?
text icon How to Create Your First NFT and Sell It On (in less than 10 min)
text icon Why a CryptoPunks Owner Turned Down $9.5M in Ethereum for His NFT
text icon Rarible introduces zero-cost NFT minting feature
video icon NFTs: FULL Guide to Finding The NEXT 100x!! 💯
text icon Dragginator, NFT project from 2018, it’s on OpenSea now
text icon Compromised: A story of intrigue, terror, NFTs, and crypto-espionage
text icon Lushsux: A decade of ass-whoopin’ and skullduggery in a single NFT 
text icon Dragonfly Capital’s Haseeb Qureshi Discusses DeFi, NFTs, The Metaverse And More
text icon NFTs Facing Initial Challenges: Bans & Attacks Growing
text icon Epic welcomes blockchain games but don't expect any Fortnite NFTs
text icon Demole is Taking NFT Gaming Beyond the Blockchain
text icon Why The First Coinbase NFT Marketplace Will Be A Big Success!
text icon Human Being Sells US Copyright As NFT
text icon Retro NFT packs drive frenzied Top Shot speculation
text icon Receive NFTs on Coinbase?
text icon Would NFTs on L2 cause token duplication since minting can technically occur on either chains?
text icon NFT for Elon
text icon Valve Bans Games Built on Blockchain, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies From Steam Gaming Platform
text icon Crypto Weekly Roundup: First BTC ETF, Ripple-Nelnet, NFT Marketplaces, And More
text icon How to implement tickets for events as NFTs
text icon DHL will make their NFT collection on the Vechain
text icon This photographer is celebrating Stephen Hawking by minting an NFT of his most famous photo
text icon WAX: NFTs and Gaming
text icon How Boom Wallet is changing the way we interact with NFTs
text icon Axie Infinity Leads In-Game NFT Boom, DappRadar Q3 report
text icon Rapid GROWTH of the SmartBCH Network — DeFi, NFTs BOOMING
text icon The Genesis of the SmartBCH NFT Universe
text icon look at this cool artwork. if you’re interested in seeing more or get your own nft look in the comments.
text icon Adding utility to NFTs is a great way to benefit its collectors – bitkttens on fantom is a great example, it will be great if more creators start adding use cases
text icon Massive Scam Happening In The NFT Community
text icon Massive Scam Happening In The NFT Community
text icon Does anyone have any idea as to what will happen to ETH’s price and the NFT market once the ETH altair update is out on oct 27?
text icon My 1/1 “Timelapse” NFT Collection! Ask for the link to check it out! Priced @ 0.1 Eth but you can give me your best offer if you wish!
text icon Is there way to verify you own an NFT without actually knowing your token or whatever?
text icon Airdrop Ends Sunday Night At 8pm – Congrats to all new owners of this NFT, I am honored to have completed my 3rd Airdrop :)
text icon NFT Question – change ownership without sending
text icon New Stickmen NFTs, over 7,000 with unique traits of different rarities! Tap here for giveaways+presale!
text icon CryptoPunk NFT Holder Refuses Record Breaking $9.5M Offer
text icon This Week on Crypto Twitter: Steam Bans NFTs, Axie Upsets Fans and Tungsten Cubes Go Viral
video icon Algorand: FULL Defi Guide! Yield Farming + NFTs!! 👨‍🌾
text icon Steam Bans Games Which Include Crypto & NFTs, Whilst Epic Games ‘Welcomes’ Them
text icon launches 1,000 unique colors NFT collection, it can hit top rank on OpenSea
text icon ⁠Valve removes blockchain games, tells users not to publish content on crypto or NFTs “Steam’s point of view is that items have value and they don’t allow items that can have real-world value on their platform,” claimed one game developer.
text icon tried to mint an nft on a public sale, but the transactions were canceled
text icon U can claim this NFT for free by joining the discord server (invite link in the comment) and sharing ur opensea’s address in the discord server
text icon Practical applications for NFT on the etherium block chain?
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text icon Are any of y’all into nft
text icon MekaVerse Ethereum NFT Rollout Dogged by Fraud Allegations
text icon Valve removes blockchain games, tells users not to publish content on crypto or NFTs
text icon ShapeShift hopes to create 'rarest and most historical' NFTs with 80% trading card supply burn
text icon Solana NFT Projects Cancel Holder Royalties After FTX US Launch
text icon An overview of the latest CoinList projects, DeFi and NFT still dominate
text icon Prominent token sale methods pursued by prominent blockchain projects. A recent trend that has gained popularity within the DeFi and NFT ecosystem is Bonding Curves. Such offerings have a smart contract-based AMM that leverage market forces and can also buyback tokens.
text icon NFTs allow people to ‘interact with crypto in a hands-on way’ — Shaq
text icon Steam is removing NFT games from the platform
video icon Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf – NFT Minting and Marketplace | Blockchain Interviews
text icon Jimmy Choo Launches NFT
text icon Kryptomon, the Highly Anticipated NFT Game, is Set to Launch on the 15th of October 2021
text icon Wiz Khalifa & Antoni Tudisco to Release Collaborative NFT Collection Exclusively on Portion via Palm Network
text icon As NFTs Mania Hits a Crescendo, Crypto Executives Warn of ‘Imminent’ Regulatory Crackdown
text icon Axie Infinity Became the Most Traded NFT Collection Ever Last Quarter
text icon Former Malta Government Official Becomes Whistleblower—in NFT Form
text icon Bringing Unique Collections of Handcrafted Colors to the NFT Market, the BitColors Vision | Analytics
text icon Coinbase plans to launch its own NFT and P2P marketplace – Blockbulletin
text icon Flying Into The Metaverse: Sotheby’s NFT Journey
text icon EliteDogeClub Launching 100,000 Exclusive NFTs in the Largest Drop Ever
video icon ROLLUP: Coinbase NFTs | Bitcoin ETF | DeFi 2.0 | Andrew Yang | Joe Biden
text icon Gaming: A Leading Use Case for NFTs
text icon Payments Giant Visa Launches NFT Program to Support Digital Artists 
text icon Nft for sell … I hope you like it.. link in comments.
audio icon ROLLUP: Coinbase NFTs | Bitcoin ETF | DeFi 2.0 | Andrew Yang | Joe Biden
audio icon ROLLUP: Coinbase NFTs | Bitcoin ETF | DeFi 2.0 | Andrew Yang | Joe Biden
text icon Flow integrates Filecoin storage services to make NFTs more decentralized
text icon What are NFTs and how do you trade them?
text icon Check out my 1/1 “Timelapse” NFT Collection! Worked really hard on this one! In the comments if your interested!
text icon SadBoysNFT Minting Oct/ 22nd. 5000 😞Boys Will be Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Join Our Socials for Project Updates.
text icon Question. If I mint an NFT how do I see the metadata on the block chain?