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text icon Hi guys! For all of us to enjoy together, the NFT “Dark Souls Bonfire” has been RELISTED!! Now it’s for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE!! I will give a free NFT to the first 100 who buy! LINK IN THE COMMENTS!!! Ps: Support an artist and grow your collection right now ♥
text icon If it’s not worth it for average people to mine Bitcoin anymore then how is the blockchain decentralized?
text icon Bitcoin Market Dominance Sinks Over Weekend As Ethereum's Grows
text icon I’m at $65,000
text icon Friendly reminder that crashes of this size were perfectly normal during the previous bullrun
text icon NFT bear market will obliterate the NFT holders
text icon Over 80% of African Users on Mineplex Reportedly Interested in Buying Goods With Staked Crypto
text icon When we hit a dip, the onslaught of people with “I TOLD YOU ITS SCAM” is the reason why I don’t tell anyone that I invest in crypto.
text icon Can someone ELI5 how ethereum plans to reduce gas fees soon?
text icon What do you expect after tonights boxing match promoting $SAITAMA in Staples Center
text icon Hey guys. The other day I tried liquidating my tokens but the gas fees was so darn high owing to the network congestion and the worst part was that all of my transactions were failing no matter how high I set the gas at. Apparently this DeFi protocol caught my eye since it will quell my anxiety lol.
text icon ‘One of the Most Transformative Moments in Our Lives’: Why TIME Is Betting Big on Crypto and NFTs
text icon >> Ethereum <<
text icon Why ETH is performing so well compared to BTC
text icon So it seems the BitMart hacker has a Binance account (KYC) and an ENS – which leads to their real name.
text icon This will blow your mind. Exactly 100 years ago in December 1921, Henry Ford proposed to replace gold with energy currency and stop wars
video icon Microstrategy buys more Bitcoin, Budweiser claims beer.eth, Square becomes Block | The Crypto Minute
text icon Fiat onramp to zkSync is live on
text icon Would you pay to receive reviews of DAOs, from the DAO’s community members?
text icon Article from December 2019, to remind us all what an actual crash looks like: 90% of All ETH Wallets Now ‘Out-of-the-Money’
text icon Tau-Chain Founder Ohad Asor and Prof. Franconi Explain Logical AI and How to Trade Knowledge
text icon Ethereum balance on exchanges reaches 3 year low!! Bullish AF
text icon Browser cookies are not consent: The new path to privacy after EU data regulation fail
text icon Crypto is like poker. Most of it is luck but you still gotta know how go play your cards correctly
text icon ETH/USD Eyeing 4213 Technical Challenge: Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 6 December 2021 ETH
text icon Examining The Lindy Effect And Bitcoin
text icon BTC/USD Remains Pressured After Rout: Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 6 December 2021 BTC
text icon Market sentiment
text icon Hi! I literally know nothing in cryptocurrency. But, with the drop of Bitcoins, I see an opportunity to put a feet in this exiting world or not?
text icon Top 10 books to learn Bitcoin in 2022
text icon How do you convince talented Web2 developers, who are too smart for their own good, that Web3 isn’t bullshit?
text icon Ethereum Cryptocurrency Crypto Coin Ugly Christmas
text icon CoinCurrently – Compare cryptos
text icon Meme Token Economy Suffers After Crypto Market Dip, DOGE and SHIB Market Caps Lose Billions
text icon Gervonta wearing the saitama hat!! LFG!!
text icon Is there any hard proof that El Salvador has been buying what it claims to be buying? Can we see it for ourselves? (This is half the point of a decentralized public ledger, or am I wrong?).
text icon who says this correction is over?
text icon Seatgeek CEO Jack Groetzinger: nearly 100% of all tickets will be NFTs in the next 5-10 years
text icon It’s funny how many bears are telling me that I’m gonna lose money if btc drops to 8k
text icon I took out a $10,000 loan this morning and went all in on the dip.
text icon Bitcoin Showing Strong Support at $48,000, Why Did the Price Drop?
text icon [Mod-Approved Airdrop] Krypto Kitty $KTY – Meet the first ever meowmcoin. Created by 21 /r/cc members.
text icon No, Tether did NOT just mint 1.5B “Out of thin air” – Audit linked
text icon This Week on Crypto Twitter: Dorsey Resigns, Musk Trolls, Ben McKenzie Becomes No-coiner
text icon FTX Seeking Staggering $1.5B in New Funding Round at $32B Valuation
text icon Found some BitHaters in the wild on Microsoft News
text icon Coinmonks NFTs: Nine Coins. Nine Monks. Nine NFTs.
text icon Furyan & Angerfist – HOAX (Official Music Video)
text icon Fe – An emerging smart contract language for the Ethereum blockchain
text icon Check these SSs. Is there a way I can take the btc and run? Or no. Also new scam. Kristy n I matched on a dating app and we’ve been chatting for a few months. Harmless normal online dating stuff, till she asked me to help get her inheritance of 44 btc.
video icon I WISH I Knew These!! 10 Essential Crypto Truths!! 🔝
text icon Bitmart Hacked, Losses Estimated at $196M
text icon Discussing Federated Chaumian Mints On Lightning
text icon Ahahahaha so true! Hold firm Gang 💯❤️
text icon Inside the blockchain developer’s mind: Blockchain consensus, Part 1
text icon What advice would you give to a new-comer looking to participate in the crypto ecosystem?
text icon Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Issues Dire Warning on Inflation, Says He’s Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and Two Additional Assets
text icon Go all in OR Continue DCA
text icon @MichaelSaylor: What is the strongest Fiat currency? In the last 50 years, the USD has lost 77% to the Swiss Franc (CHF)
text icon Summaries of Bitcoin News From Last Week
text icon Bitcoin Hashrate Rises Despite Price Drop, Mystery Hashpower Returns
text icon It’s Time To Retire the Phrase “Only Spend What You Can Afford To Lose”
text icon Australian Music Artist Sia Furler to Launch NFT Collection
text icon Vitalik when he turns 80.
text icon What is this ‘Web3’ everyone is talking about? Here’s the answer.
text icon Everyone is talking about how the “crash” has recovered and we are back to normal but am i the only one sat here thinking this dip is about to drop again before it recovers
text icon Comment a coin and we list out the positive
text icon Why 2022 could be a big year for the Polkadot ecosystem
text icon NFT Art Is a Developing Space, Says Artist Thrush Holmes
text icon Is the blockchain Metaverse too salesy for mass adoption?
text icon NFL must have bought the dip
text icon Ethereum for beginners
text icon Quiet Bitcoin mining with immersion cooling and use of waste heat
text icon The Ethereum Data Service – a gas-efficient solution for storing data on an EVM-compatible blockchain.
text icon I bought 1.1 ETH on Nov 10th for $5000. I am still waiting to see a gain of $1. 😂😿
text icon Gas Fees for Compound & in general
text icon Why is running on my phone even after I closed the website?
text icon 6 Questions for Mati Greenspan of Quantum Economics
text icon Not everybody has ‘buy the dip’ money.. and that’s OK
text icon Noob question
text icon Crypto Conference DeFiCon 2021 to Be Hosted on December 18-19 in Brooklyn, NYC
text icon Law Enforcement in Vietnam Crackdown On Illegal Crypto Gambling Ring
text icon Ravendex – Next Gen Non-Custodial DEX On Cardano Blockchain And Launchpad Powered By Cardano Blockchain
text icon I made a crypto trading bot that takes advantage of Kucoin listing announcements
text icon Demand For VLX Token Rises, Cardano Based Verlux NFT Fills Over 80% Of Its Allotted Seed Sale Tokens
text icon FreeRossDAO has raised 1000+ ETH. Powerful Ethereum DAOs!
text icon China’s Hainan Province Ramps Up Crackdown on Crypto Mining Operations
text icon Tether (USDT) created $1,500,000,000 Worth of USDT Out of Thin Air in the Last 24h: Nothing of it is backed by actual Cash
text icon ATTN: there is no confirmation that this dip is over